About Us

Our History:

VisualWorks Inc. was founded in 1995 with the intent to develop an easy to use software program designed specifically for campgrounds to help manage the reservation process.  The company founders (Keith Johnson & Steve Bolster) developed the idea during a rain-soaked vacation in northern Minnesota after an agonizing reservation, check-in, & billing process.  As engineers in a high tech computer component manufacturing company, the idea of creating our own software business to solve this problem was born. VisualWorks was formed and many nights & weekends were spent coding and talking with potential customers about their needs.  Our mission is clear:  To provide a comprehensive, powerful, easy to use reservation management software.  To accomplish this mission, we rely on our customers and in many ways consider them partners with us.  We carefully listen to feedback so that we can continue to improve CampWorks based on the user's perspective.  Customer feedback through the years has helped us to develop CampWorks into one of the leading reservation software programs on the market.  Our customer base now covers the majority of United States and Canada.  Our customers range from small hunting resorts with less than 10 units to large RV Parks with hundreds of rental spaces, storage, cabins, onsite stores, and marinas.  Our customers have processed hundreds of thousands of reservations through CampWorks over the years.

The Team:

Until early 2018 CampWorks was our passion, but not our full-time employment.  We successfully managed full-time careers, family lives, and development of CampWorks while we built our business for over 20 years.  CampWorks is now our passion more than ever.  As of Jan 2018, Keith is fully committed to building CampWorks and now works all technical and business aspects full-time.


 Keith Johnson - Co-founder, CampWorks Creator, President
 Keith LinkedInTouchedUp130 Keith has a well-rounded experience base with over 25 years of engineering, software programming, sales / marketing, business management, and new business development experience.  Keith has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and was employed for 26 years at a high-tech $300 million manufacturing company.  Keith spent most of his career in leadership, holding director positions in Sales, Marketing, and New Business Development.  In Jan 2018, Keith left his long-term employer to focus on CampWorks full-time.  Passionate about creating his own successful business, Keith is the driving force behind VisualWorks and continuous improvement of CampWorks software.
 Steve Bolster – Co-founder, CampWorks Creator
 Steve Pic 130

Steve is a talented computer programmer with over 20 years of computer programming experience.  His coding skills and deep understanding of how to efficiently structure a program have been key to making CampWorks successful.  Steve is employed full-time as a computer programmer at a company specializing in auditing/compliance software for many of the world’s largest corporations.