Frequent Questions

This FAQ pertains to evaluating / purchasing CampWorks.  For technical support, please click here for our technical support knowledgebase.

Can CampWorks run on a network?

Yes, CampWorks is fully networkable with no extra fees.  One of your computers is designated as the master CampWorks computer which stores the database and performs administrative tasks like backups.  The other computers can be mapped to the master computer over your network by your IT professional.  In CampWorks setup, the database location is selected in CampWorks setup to point to the mapped network location of the master computer.  Your license enables you to install CampWorks on as many computers as you want for one business.


Is CampWorks a web-based (cloud) software?

CampWorks is not a web-based (cloud) software.  It is a Windows based software and must be installed on each computer.  While web based reservations have a benefit of access from multiple locations and no software to install, they tend to suffer from internet connectivity and lag issues that can be extremely detrimental to day to day performance.  We have found that a PC based solution provides a more satisfying user experience and is more efficient than web based software.  Numerous solutions exist to log into your CampWorks PC remotely if necessary.  CampWorks does have several complimentary internet based features such as, online backup, credit card processing, sending guest emails and confirmation letters, and online reservations.


Will CampWorks work on a Mac?

CampWorks is a Windows based program and will only work on a Mac if it is a dual operating system that also has Windows.


What versions of Windows does CampWorks work with?

Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10


Is internet access required to run CampWorks?

While CampWorks will work without an internet connection, features requiring internet access (such as sending confirmation letters, online backup, credit card processing, and online reservations) will not work.  An internet connection is required to initially install and activate CampWorks.


Can I access CampWorks from a remote location?

If you want to access CampWorks from a remote location such as your home while the main database is at your office, there are several options.  You can use free software such as Log Me In, Join.Me, TeamViewer, to take control of a remote computer and use it as if you were there.  Alternatively you can install CampWorks on your home computer and use Log Me In Hamachi to setup a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that appears as another network drive on your computer.  If your office will be closed for a period of time (ie over the winter months) you can install CampWorks and transfer the database to a laptop or home PC.  CampWorks has a built in online backup and restore function that works well to transfer the database from one location to another.


I only have a few rentals,is there any benefit to using CampWorks?

We have had small resort customers with a few units to rent tell us how much CampWorks has helped them to simplify their reservation process and management of the business.  The biggest benefit we hear is how easy it is to manage changes and not to lose any information.  Many small businesses use a calendar to keep track, but as the year goes on and people cancel / change dates, it gets quite messy and mistakes are made.  CampWorks solves that problem and eliminates a lot of frustrations.

What kind of support can I expect if I have a problem?

We pride ourselves on excellent support.  We want happy customers as word of mouth is a powerful selling method.  We are not always available to answer the phone.  The best method for immediate support is to enter a support ticket on our web site.  This notifies us immediately that there is a problem and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  For urgent issues we will usually be able to get back to you in minutes.  Usually worst case is a couple of hours.  Less critical issues are usually addressed within a couple of days and minor issues are collected and included in the next software build release.  New software updates are generally released several times per year.


How do I know if a new update is available?

On startup, CampWorks checks to see if there is a new update available and will provide a message if a new version is ready.


How long have you been in business, how proven is CampWorks?

We have had customers using CampWorks for over 20 years.  Some of our customers have processed over 100,000 reservations using CampWorks.  CampWorks is a well established, reliable and proven software program that has been continuously enhanced and improved through feedback from our customers for over 20 years.


How easy is CampWorks to use? Can someone who is not very computer literate use it?

CampWorks was designed with ease of use as one of the primary goals.  We realize that our target customers many times have busy seasons where they need to hire temporary or part time staff and therefore need a program that is easy to learn and intuitive.  Our customers tell us this is one of the major reasons why they chose CampWorks.


How does integrated credit card processing work and why would I want it?

CampWorks has integrated credit card processing using our partners X-Charge & CardConnect. Using either one of our integrated credit card processing partners, you process through your current internet connection and do not need to pay a lease fee for a credit card processing machine. It is faster than a dial up connection, but requires that you have a receipt printer and a card scanning device which need to be purchased. Also, in most cases, our partners can provide better rates than your current processor and also eliminate the monthly equipment lease fee saving you money every month. See for more information or CardConnect for more information.  One of the primary benefits of using our integrated credit card processing partners is that it is the only PCI compliant way to store credit card information for future use (ie cancellations, etc).


Can I use my existing credit card processing equipment?

More than likely not.  To meet security standards credit card processing equipment uses encryption technology and is setup specifically for a specific company's encryption techniques.  Contact us and we will help you to determine if your existing equipment is useable.


Can CampWorks process debit cards?

Yes. Debit cards can also be processed.

What equipment do I need to buy to use credit card processing and POS?

Integrated credit card processing requires a POS printer connected to your PC and a magnetic card reader. Generally, you can find good bargains on POS printers and bar code scanners on ebay or on  Card scanners will generally need to be purchased from the credit card processing partner (ie CardConnect or OpenEdge). See our hardware section for specific details  on equipment requirements. For POS we recommend a bar code scanner, but it is not required to use POS.


If I decide to quit using CampWorks, how can I transfer data  to another program?

Any of CampWorks reports can be exported to a standard file format that can be imported into other reservation  software. You will have to work with your new software vendor in how to import the data.


Can I import data from my current reservation software into CampWorks?

We can help you transfer some data.  You can't directly import the data into CampWorks.  First of all your current software needs to be able to export the data.  Generally, customer information such as names, addresses, phone #, email, etc can be exported from your old software and imported into CampWorks.  Reservations usually can not be transferred because there are significant format differences and new information required by CampWorks.  However, with the guest information already in the system, new reservations can be entered quickly by looking up and using the imported guest information which eliminates most of the typing & time required to make a new reservation.