Online reservations

Online reservations should be a critical cog of every hospitality businesses strategy.  Our CampWorks WebRes solution has everything you need to quickly start taking online reservations with CampWorks.

CampWorks online reservations enable your guests to seamlessly make reservations on your web site. Our WebRes booking service is easily integrated with just a few lines of code and can be customized to match the look and feel of your web site. Customers can search and view real-time availability, select accommodations, enter contact information and pay with a credit card to book daily and weekly reservations. New online reservations are automatically entered into CampWorks and are clearly indicated on the main screen awaiting your staff to review and confirm the reservation by emailing the confirmation letter to the guest.

Why take online reservations?

  • An estimated 85% of the US population ages 12+ owns a smartphone.  When you consider the significant portion of those that don’t are impoverished or too old to travel, so it is highly likely that nearly 100% of your clients are connected to the internet at all times no matter where they are.
  • Guests are used to being able to book hotels online.  They expect to do the same at campgrounds.  This trend will only increase.
  • Online reservations are extremely convenient for guests.  They can make reservations at any time of the day…no busy signals…leaving messages and waiting for call backs which translates to increased business.  Happy guests are likely to give referrals and come again.
  • Free up staff from answering booking only phone calls.  They can spend more time taking care of the store, property, and onsite guests and may help lower your labor costs.
  • Most importantly, it is FREE to your business.  Our low online booking fee can be passed directly onto the guest during the booking process.  Online convenience or booking fees are standard and guests are used to paying them.  The online booking fee is added to the guest’s reservation and paid to you during the booking process.  We track these fees and invoice your business each month to collect the online reservation service fees.  Payment for our online reservation service fees can be setup as an automated process via credit card.

Key WebRes Features:

  • Real-time availability (secured direct communication with your main CampWorks computer enables up to date information and real-time booking).  You do not have to block sites for online versus in office reservations.
  • Online reservations are created automatically and directly in CampWorks (no manual email detail entry).
  • Create daily or weekly reservations for individuals or groups.  For groups, the group contact sets up a group name and receives a group number after reserving a block of sites.  Your staff sends a group confirmation letter email to the group contact who forwards to others in the group.  The letter has the link to your booking web site and contains group log on credentials.  Members of the group use the link and group credentials contained in the group confirmation letter email to book sites from the reservation block.
  • Customer payments are made directly to your business through one of our integrated credit card payment partners using the same PCI compliant process as if the card was taken over the phone at your front desk.
  • Our low cost fee booking fee can be automatically passed along to customers via an online booking fee.
  • Subscription booking fees are automatically calculated and charged to your credit card on file at the end of each month for previous month’s bookings
  • Test mode enables you to easily make sure web reservations are functioning properly
  • An ONLINE visual indicator on the CampWorks main screen makes it easy to see if online reservations are available and working.
  • Receive email notifications when new online reservations are created by a guest on your web site
  • Required modifications to your website are minimal.
  • Fully responsive layout.  Looks great on any screen size from smartphone to desktop.
  • Our WebRes service has multiple configuration options to allow flexibility to support many common situations (site restrictions such as rig types, lengths, widths, allow guests to book only a type of site or select a specific site, email notifications, etc)

Configuration Options:


  • Select types offered online:  (Cabins, Campsites, rooms)
  • Show availability of individual sites/cabins OR defined types (ie Full Hookup-pull through) and quantity available
  • Setup $ amount to be collected at time of booking
  • Select columns to show on availability grids
  • Enable / disable online group reservations
  • Pet quantity / charge
  • Allow discounts to be selected (ie GoodSam)
  • Setup vehicle charges
  • Set charge name/amount for online booking fee
  • Customize text to be displayed throughout the online booking process
  • Require (I accept terms and conditions) checkbox and link to show your terms and conditions page
  • Set color of background and text to match your web site color theme
  • Require unit type (ie 5th wheel, motorhome) and length/width to show only acceptable sites for that unit


How it Works:

The WebRes service is installed on your main (master) CampWorks computer.  This service runs in the background and listens for requests to come in from your web site. When a request is received it gets or submits the required information to and from the CampWorks database and your web site. WebRes is independent of CampWorks and still runs in the background even if CampWorks is closed providing continuous online reservations as long as your computer is on and has an internet connection.

To setup online reservations, we help you make a simple change to your router/firewall to allow the secure communication between your computer and our server.  On your web site, you simply add a “Book Now” button or similar and a blank page that has an iframe in it that displays our booking page by using the code we provide.  Online reservations can be setup in less than an hour.

Key Requirements:

  • A constant internet connection with a firewall and router
  • Keep your master/server computer on at all times with our Web Reservation Windows service running silently in the background
  • Use one of our integrated credit card processing partners to take online payments
  • Have your own web site to display our online reservation software booking forms

Video Demo:


Live Demo:

To demonstrate our online reservation user interface, we have setup a live demo site. Click on the button below to access the fictitious campground web site. You would create a similar link on your site to access the booking forms from our server. This demo web site connects to a computer at our office running CampWorks with the Web Reservation service, just like you would have in your office. You can create reservations on this demo by using the following test payment card info:

Type: Visa
Card #: 4111111111111111
exp: 12 2022
security code: 123

Note: We do not monitor and send confirmation emails, so you may not receive the confirmation letter email. Please contact us if you encounter any problems with the demo or have questions.