Referral Program

As an owner of CampWorks we welcome you to join our new customer referral program.  This is your chance to help us grow our business and in return we will give you credit back to cut your operating costs.  Word of mouth from existing CampWorks users is our best selling method.  We hope you will help us to grow the CampWorks community so we can continue supporting and enhancing CampWorks.


Here is how it works: 

Tell your colleagues about CampWorks and send them to our web site to research and download our software.  Fill out the form below to let us know that you referred them to us.  If they buy CampWorks we will credit your account $100 for each referral that purchases CampWorks.  This credit can be used to offset maintenance costs, POS, online reservations, online backup, or other new monthly subscription features.  Alternatively, if it looks like you have more credit than you can use, we will send you a check for your referral fees.