Software Updates

Product update announcements and download links for CampWorks updates and patches are listed below.  IMPORTANT:  Please make sure CampWorks is not running when installing updates or the updates may fail.  Also, ALWAYS make a safe backup of your database before running any updates.


Version Numbering:

CampWorks uses a specific 4 part version numbering system (ie defined as follows:

1st Digit = Version:   Complete software rewrite / platform change etc)

2nd Digit = Update:  New features, functionality changes, or interface design changes

3rd Digits = Release:  Bug fixes only

4th Digits = Build:  Internal build number

Each time a new Update or Release is released the changes will be documented below.  As of CampWorks version 3.7.0 the automatic update notifications will be turned on and CampWorks will notify you a new update is available.  The full 4 part version number can be viewed by clicking on About in CampWorks.  We recommend you always make sure your software is updated to the newest version.


Current Updates:

(9/17/18) Version 3.8.1 Is Now Available

We are happy to announce the newest version of CampWorks is now available for download and install.  Over the last month we have been working with several campgrounds to beta test, to ensure this version is reliable and ready for release.  Version 3.8 includes significant enhancements and new features.  Key areas of improvement are in group reservations and online reservations, but there were many other enhancements and bug fixes throughout the program.  Full details will be available in our client center.  If you are a CampWorks customer and do not yet have a profile in our client center, please use the following link to create your profile.  Through the client center you can enter support tickets, purchase additional options, select and pay for service contracts, enter development suggestions, and see how we are progressing on new versions and complimentary smartphone/tablet apps. (coming soon).  Per our previous communications, upgrades are no longer available through our web site.  The CampWorks program will monitor availability for upgrades based on your service agreement status and will give you the option to download the updates.  If you haven't downloaded and upgraded to version 3.7.1 you must do this first to get the option to upgrade to version 3.8.1.  PLEASE NOTE:  There was a bug in the earlier releases of 3.7.1 where the directory where the download was placed, was incorrect.  The update file will be downloaded to the CampWorks35\Updates folder on the computer that hosts the database, not the CampWorks35\Database\Updates folder as the message indicated.  To help you learn the new features in 3.8 we have put together a welcome & training video to explain many of the new features available.  You can watch the video using the following link:  Watch CampWorks 3.8 Welcome and Training  Please take the time to watch the video and feel free to contact us if you have additional questions or need further guidance.

Also remember these best practices for updates:

  1.  Schedule a good (not so busy time) to do updates in case you run into any problems.
  2.  Perform a backup and make sure you have a safe copy of the databases before you start.
  3.  Make sure to shut down CampWorks before running updates.


(8/16/18) Version 3.7.1 Update

We have been hard at work this summer developing a new release of CampWorks with significant enhancements.  Release 3.8 is planned to be available soon.  Through the development of 3.8, we found and fixed a few minor bugs in version 3.7.0.  Per our communication this spring, new releases are only available to those who have a current (paid) annual maintenance / support agreement.  After this update, new releases (ie 3.8) will only be available for download from within CampWorks.  All users should update to version 3.7.1.  If you have a service agreement, CampWorks will notify you when 3.8 is ready and will download it for you.  General information about version 3.8 will be available on this page when the release is available.  Full details of the changes will be communicated through our client center.  If you did not receive our communication on 2018 planned updates, service agreements, and our new client center, please contact us and we will be happy to fill you in.  We strongly encourage everyone to purchase the support agreement.  We are making significant investment in our software platform and supporting systems this year.  Support agreements enable you to get the best support and the latest software updates to make sure your business runs efficiently.  As always, we recommend you perform a backup before running any update.  Also, make sure to shut down CampWorks before running updates.

Download 3.7.1 Update


(3/13/18) Version 3.7.0 Update

The update process has been simplified to make future updates easier, faster, and less problematic.  To accommodate this change the 3.6.3 Update is required before updating to version 3.7.  CampWorks will verify that 3.6.3 has been successfully installed as part of the 3.7 update process.  You should run the 3.6.3 update link below before doing the 3.7 update.  This applies to the master/main computer only.  Networked PCs only need to have the 3.7.0 update run.  This update provides additional flexibility for payment card processing setup, adds additional options for online reservations and moves the online reservations menu item to the main setup menu.  Improvements have been made to the monthly billing process.  Several reports were updated and a new group reservation confirmation letter option was also added.  Note to use this new letter you will need to setup the letter text in software options.  We have also added a new default background image and provided about 5 additional stock backgrounds you can choose from.  Future updates will include many more background options.  Other miscellaneous bugs were fixed including improvements to handle long reservation notes fields.  IMPORTANT:  You must update to the latest 3.6.3 update before updating to 3.7.0.  Also, you should always make sure you have a safe backup before installing any update just in case there is a problem.

Download 3.7.0 Update

(1/17/18) Version 3.6.3 Update

Bug fixes for CardConnect and Singular payment processing.  Several new reporting options.  2nd Generation online reservations.  Miscellaneous bug fixes and connections to our new server address.

Download 3.6.3 Update


Recent Updates:

(7/10/17) Version 3.6.2 Update

This update includes minor enhancements and bug fixes.  This release improves support for EMV (chip card) payment processing devices and incorporates a new integrated payment processing option with CardConnect.  Several new reports have also been added.

Download 3.6.2 Update


(3/9/17) Version 3.6.1 Update

This update includes minor enhancements and bug fixes to version 3.6.0.  The rig size search limitation that was implemented in 3.6.0 can now be turned off in version 3.6.1 by going to Setup Options, Software Options, selecting the Program Flow tab, pressing the Additional Options button and checking "Do not use rig length criteria when searching for available sites".  Also as of this version, update notifications will be turned on.  This means that CampWorks will check to see if a new update is available when CampWorks starts each time.  If a new update is available, CampWorks will notify you and provide a link to this page to see the details of the new update.   We no longer send email notifications that new updates are available as ensuring everyone receives the email notifications was tedious and unreliable.

Download 3.6.1 Update


(6/30/15) Version 3.6.0 Update

This update includes significant user interface updates including increased size of major screens and improved graphical buttons.  Reservation search functions have also been significantly enhanced with more search / filter options and results are displayed in a grid instead of loading directly into the reservation screen.  One important change to note is that when searching for available rental spaces, the rig type / length is now used to filter results.  In previous versions, rig info was only used to display a warning message when selecting the site that the rig is not accepted or will not fit.  With this new change, if you are not seeing all available rental spaces, make sure length/width restriction and available rig type values are properly set on each rental space.  Important note:  If you are upgrading from version 3.4.x please see the instructions below to upgrade directly to version 3.6.

Download 3.6.0 Update


Upgrade for current 3.4.x or older users to version 3.6.x (Follow these instructions if you are currently using version 3.4.X).

We recommend all CampWorks 3.4 or older users upgrade to the newest version of CampWorks as it adds key new features including mapping, subscription features such as online backup and web reservations, and many other improvements including monthly billing enhancements, streamlined software maintenance billing, online purchase of additional options, and many others.  There is no cost for current users to upgrade to version 3.6.  However, note that within a few days of upgrading you will receive a notice to pay any past due maintenance fees.  After you upgrade, the system will check to see if your annual maintenance is current and will warn you if it is not.  The warning will continue each time CampWorks is started until your past due maintenance is paid.  We moved to this automated billing and payment system in 2013 so if you are upgrading now you may have several years of maintenance payments due.


Important 3.4.x to 3.6.x update instructions:

NOTE:  Migrating from previous versions of CampWorks to 3.6 uses a different technique than previous 3.4 updates.  To make the transition from 3.4 to 3.6 easy, we have allowed both versions to remain active at the same time.  You can download and install 3.6, import data from 3.4 while keeping version 3.4 unchanged.  This way you can do a test install and make sure everything works properly before unistalling version 3.4

  1. Use the following link to download and install CampWorks 3.6  Download now  Make sure to select run and answer yes to any security prompts.  Note:  Depending on your security software, you may need to temporarily disable it to download / install CampWorks 3.6.
  2. During the install, you will be prompted if you want to import data from a previous version of CampWorks.  Answer yes and your current 3.4 data will be imported into 3.6 (without impacting 3.4)
  3. After the install completes you should have both 3.4 and 3.6 versions functioning with the same data.  There will be a new icon on the desktop for version 3.6.
  4. Click the desktop icon to run 3.6.  You will be prompted to enter correct contact information to activate version 3.6.
  5. You can now start using version 3.6, but note that 3.4 and 3.6 are independant.  Any data entered into one will not appear in the other.
  6. Important Setup Notes:  Please make sure you read through the setup manual, as there are several new features that need to be setup in version 3.6.  You also need to make sure that you enable at least one rental space type in the setup by going into Setup & Administration, Software Options, Rental Types tab and checking the enable check box on the appropriate rental space types that you plan to use.  Failure to do this will result in various errors occuring when you try to use CampWorks.
  7. After you have verified that the conversion was successful and CampWorks 3.6 is working correctly, you should immediately switch to 3.6 and uninstall version 3.4 to eliminate any confusion by your front desk help on which version to use.

QuickBooks Integration:

In order to use the QuickBooks integration features, you first will need to download the QuickBooks Integration Library.  Use the following link to download and install the library, then the integration features explained in the manual should be available.  Note that you will need to follow the Setup instructions for in the getting started manual exactly to integrate CampWorks and Quickbooks.

Download link:


Legacy version information and downloads:

Version 3.4.21 Update:  Nov 2012

Download link: